Grow Ministry

We desire to help people progressively become like Jesus over time. In fact, Jesus wants us to follow Him with our whole heart. As a result, we desire to help people bring all of their lives under the leadership of Jesus. We call this concept Whole Life Discipleship. To achieve this goal, we provide opportunities to learn God’s truth, apply biblical skills to life and help you use your gifting to have an influence for Christ.



God has given us the Bible to be our guide for life. In our Truth offerings, you will learn what the Bible teaches and how it applies to your life.


This area is designed to help you learn practical biblical skills for essential areas of life, such as marriage, parenting, vocation, stewardship, biblical manhood, biblical womanhood and how to develop our relationship with Jesus.


All of us have gifts and abilities and need to use them in the service of Jesus and others. We want to equip you to leverage your relationships, gifts, and vocation for the Kingdom.

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Our Grow Ministries include: