Sweat the small stuff.

There is ginormous power in small things.

Take the atom; it is the smallest piece of matter only visible under a powerful microscope. However, if you split this little rascal under the right conditions, you better find some serious cover. We should be careful when we stand in judgment and demean small things.

In Matthew 25:23 Jesus uses a story to teach and towards the end of his story he says this of the faithful slave,

“‘Well done, good and faithful slave. You were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master.”

Jesus wants us to know the truth about our future, and that is our future is hitched to the present day small acts of obedience. Faithful in the small areas of your life explode into substantial opportunities to serve Christ. You see there are no meaningless small acts of faithfulness in the Christian life.

Noah’s one act of obedience, building the ark, took 43,800 days of faithfulness. Small twenty-four hour chunks of time compounded by faithfulness was the secret sauce to Noah’s accomplishment.  Obedience to Jesus is a thousand little steps in the right direction.

If you prefer to see this in an equation here is the mathematical formula that we should all memorize:


Start today,  take the small things of your day as sacred moments. See the interrupting phone call or the extra patience needed with a friend or the pesky student or the nagging reminder of an overdue thank you note as the small opportunities which open your future. Squeeze out every ounce of faithfulness today.

Remember the multitude was fed by a little boy who was faithful in packing a lunch that morning.