Fear and faith share one thing in common, both are looking to the future. This next trip around the sun in 2019 will you fear it or will you faith it?

Let me explain why faith is a better way to go.

Remember for a moment, the Israelites, as they walked into the promise land after wondering for forty years. Like them, you stand at the edge of a new land, and it is called 2019. I love, love, love what Joshua said to the people of God as they were about to enter the promised land. In Joshua 3:5 he said,

“Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.”

This cry of Joshua was for a fierce faith, not fear. Faith, not because the people were so great or life in the promised land would be easy. The cry of faith came from the reality their God is great, and He would take every step with them.

The word Joshua uses for “wonders” is “pala.”  This Hebrew word is interesting as it carries the idea of “extraordinary work in the midst of extreme difficulty.” Read that one more time. This type of work is right in God’s sweet spot.  He holds a Ph.D. in extraordinary. This sweet spot of His is what births courage in the heart of man.

So courage up. Your God has 2019 by the tail.

Let his extraordinary faithfulness fuel your courage. Some of you remember the movie “We Bought a Zoo.” Such a good movie and the title explains the true story of this family; they bought a zoo. In the midst of real fear, Benjamin Mee played by Matt Damon has a great line in the movie,

“you know, sometimes all you need is twenty-seconds of insane courage.”

This is a good word for those who follow Jesus into this new year. All you need is twenty-seconds of insane courage at just the right moment. In those twenty-seconds of insane courage, Peter got out of the boat, David picked up the first stone, and Esther stepped into the palace. Now is your turn. Grab hold of your twenty-seconds.

God-size your dreams. 
Hunger holiness. 
Chase purpose. 
Leverage obedience.
Live loved. 
Burn ships.
Sharpen the razor edge of the Word. 
Exhale joy.

God is going to do wonders among you in 2019.