Pastors Quit Every Monday | Part Two

It was Monday, and a Pastor was at his local Starbucks when he ran into a kid from his church. The young boy told the Pastor,

“When I grow up, I’m going to give you some money.” “Well, thank you,” the Pastor replied, “but why?” The boy responded, “Because yesterday after church my dad said you’re one of the poorest preachers we’ve ever had.”

Ouch, sheep can bite.

In part one, I shared how a Monday for a Pastor can be a tsunami of emptiness, emotions, and exhaustion. Years ago a mentor told me,  “Todd, take Friday’s off, not Monday’s because you don’t want to feel that bad on your day off.” He was right.

So in part two, I want to give you ten specific ways to pray for your Pastor each Monday. Maybe a different one each week as God prompts you.

  1. Pray he RESTS in the power of God’s Word and not in the power of his word.
  2. Pray he FIXES his eyes on Jesus, the perfect one, not himself the imperfect one.
  3. Pray he KNOWS that sermons, especially one sermon, is not the totality of his ministry.
  4. Pray he REMEMBERS God, not a man, places the final price tag on everything in his life.
  5. Pray he DISCERNS that he is neither as good as the praises nor as bad as the criticism.
  6. Pray he WORSHIPS through his melancholy, not wallow in it.
  7. Pray he RECEIVES well timed authentic encouragement.
  8. Pray he EMBRACES his calling to be faithful, not fantastic.
  9. Pray he REJOICES in the work that God does in the hearts of people, not their ears.
  10. Pray he TRUSTS God’s promise not to let His word return void.

The next move is yours.