A Hospital Trip

Today, I walked the floor of a hospital and what I found was perspective.

This Thanksgiving my gratitude is not just for the usual suspects of a job, a home, food, an iPad or even my friends. Typical stuff. All good stuff. All God’s abundant blessings.

As I walked, I saw something more.

Today, I am grateful for the basic things, primal things in my life. Things that I have assumed were givens, maybe even seen as my rights like that of an American. Basic things like being . . .

able to gain weight, able to smell burnt popcorn, the ability to exhale without thought, sitting up when I want, grabbing hold of a hand that I love, tasting the sweetness of vanilla pudding, feeling my legs aches, the ability to urinate, sleeping on my side, swallowing, and even the ability to scratch an itch on my ear.

These things are not my rights. Not even deserved.
When did these things become assumed?
How did I miss this?

One blessed life.