Stop The Lies In 2017

A New Year of Truth

Nothing is easier to believe than a lie.

The greatest liar in your life is you. We tell ourselves whoppers all the time. Strange how we are dubious of others words yet we are “Johnny on the spot” to believe our own.

Here is a real New Years challenge for 2017; think on truth and stop lying to yourself. Proverbs says, “Faithful are the words of a friend.” Be a good friend to yourself, stop the internal fibbing and be willing to wound yourself with the truth.

In 2017, seven lies to stop telling and believing yourself. The truth will always set you free.

#1 The Lie of Vanity: You deserve the best.
Stop living under the false banner of “I deserve.” The life of entitlement sets you up for continuous waves of disappointment eventually creating a cesspool of bitterness. You will rarely experience the warm embrace of grace or the element of surprise when you always believe you deserve. Remember, if all you get in this life is Jesus Christ you were given more in this life than you ever deserved.

#2 The Lie of Ability: You can do anything.
My personal hard truth is I will never be the quarterback for the Denver Broncos. I can’t do anything. Truth be told, I will do very few things and only a fraction of those things will be done well. We were not created to do everything, we were created to do something. Narrowing your choices is not limiting it is liberating as you get closer to God’s perfect calling on your life. The Apostle Paul wrote, “this one thing I do.” He found his one thing, discover your one thing. Stop dreaming and start doing in 2017.

#3 The Lie of Capacity: You can have it now.
Time, effort, work, endurance, patience and delayed gratification are really good things. Time just might be our greatest protector. Possession or attainment today may be the worst thing for you. Think this out, God spent six days creating the universe, patiently waits until the last person to be brought into the Kingdom, and takes your whole lifetime to sanctify you. His actions teach us the value of time and investing. Instant is good for popcorn and coffee not for building a life of character.

#4 The Lie of Ecstasy: You have a right to be happy.
Happiness is never promised in the Bible but holiness is offered. The very word “happy” comes from the root root “hap.” We get our words haphazardly and happenstance which communicates chance and randomness. Don’t take the chance on happiness. In 2017 chase holiness and enjoy the residue of joy that it brings.

#5 The Lie of Priority: You come first.
Most life coaches today say that you should put yourself first. This is great advice when oxygen masks drop down in an airplane, but this is awful counsel for life. This toxic wisdom is the antithesis to the life of Jesus. In fact, he taught the first will be last.  Jesus is the prototype both in attitude and action of the UB4ME principle. He sought first and foremost how to make others great.

#6 The Lie of Destiny: You will change later.
Later may never come. James, the half-brother of Jesus, said, “he who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin.” Waiting and procrastinating to doing what is right is sin. Following Jesus is about doing the right thing today. Choose this day whom you will serve is rock solid counsel.

#7 The Lie of Insecurity: You are beyond hope.
Satan loves to hog tie you with hopelessness. Getting you to think you are a hopeless screw-up might be Satan’s best tool. Factual truth; you can not out-sin God’s grace. God pulls his best material from junk yards. Don’t take the bait or believe the lie, God will bring you to completion and he will finish the work.

Be diligent to fight for the truth in your thinking knowing that even a half-truth is a full lie. Nobody talks to you more than yourself. So speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth to yourself in 2017.

The next move is yours.