Staff Nomination Submission

We want to love and celebrate our staff! Each month as we highlight a different area of our staff values, we want you to nominate a staff member who has embodied that value. We will announce two winners each month at our all staff meeting.

Crossroads Values:

Humility + Integrity + Transparency + Excellence + Unity + Loyalty

Humility | It's not about me. - Jesus created THE Church, not ME Church. We serve people for their benefit first. Together, we trust God to reward us individually at the right time.

Transparency | We serve like we are on the Main Stage. - We are always aware that our guests are watching. Our words, actions, and inaction communicate who we are and what we value.

Excellence | We will not stop short. - Most people never complete the last 5%, but we will not stop until the job is done right. We believe that getting it right is more important than just getting it done.

Integrity | We don’t work a shift. We host an event. - We take ownership of our roles. We want people to feel like family at Crossroads by going above and beyond to make God’s house inviting. We treat everyone like a VIP each time they enter our church.

Unity | We believe serving is a team sport. - We never say "That's not my job!", "No one told me to do that!" or “I’m just a volunteer!”. Everyone picks up trash, cleans up their area, answers questions, and looks for ways to make Crossroads a better place. Serving well is everyone's job.

Loyalty | We are willing to be flexible. - We know nothing that is alive stays the same forever. We will be flexible and adapt without complaint as changes come.

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Date Submitted