Production & Technology Ministry Application

In churches today there are two things present: a purpose and a process. Our purpose has never changed. It has, will, and always will be to glory God. I’m sure wether you’re new to church or you’ve been a part of a church for most of your life, you can see clearly that the process of how services, ministries, and events are run is quite different. 

As far as ministries go, Production & Technology has the reputation of being a “behind the scenes” ministry. It is true, we are not at the front lines greeting and welcoming. We are not handling two toddlers while trying to change a diaper, but we are none the less a ministry of Crossroads that is in place to glorify God.

If your like most people, vision is key in understanding your role and responsibilities wherever you are. Production & Technology Ministry should be no different. At Crossroads the vision is simple: We exist to grow into Christ-like maturity together. We desire that the thrust of all we do reflects this vision so that we can ultimately bring glory right back to God. 

Now that the vision and the purpose of the vision is clear, you are probably wondering how a sound engineer, a venue technician, or any other media team role fits into this. The role of all volunteer team members is to aid in creating an environment of authentic worship by eliminating distractions and executing excellence.

This may sound like a tall order, and in some aspects it is. However, we believe that if something is worth doing for Jesus, it’s worth doing right. Thats why we have developed what we call “The Production & Technology Volunteer Code”. This code will be many things for many people. For some, this will be an affirmation of many of the great things you are doing already. For some, this may be a loving awakening of some areas you may need to work on. And for some, this may be a code that you’re not able to rally behind at this stage of life.

As we look forward into the future we know that we are not perfect, but we also know that we can give our best if we choose to. As you are being called up to serve at your best, you can be certain of two things: We will always back you up and we will always listen. You are not alone in finding the place you’ll love serving in and we want to be ready and available to help you find that place, wether it is in Production & Technology Ministry or in another ministry throughout the church.

Crossroads Volunteer Code

1. It's not about me. - Jesus created THE Church, not ME Church. So we serve people for their benefit first. Together, we trust God to reward us individually at the right time.

2. We serve like we are on the Main Stage. - We step out of our meetings aware that our guests are watching. Our words, actions, and inaction communicate who we are and what we value.

3. We will not stop short. - Most people never complete the last 5%, but we will not stop until the job is done right. We believe that getting it right is more important than just getting it done.

4. We don’t work a shift. We host a party. - We take ownership of our roles. We want people to feel like family at Crossroads by going above and beyond to make God’s house inviting. We treat everyone like a VIP each time they enter our church.

5. We believe responsibility is a team sport. - We never say "That's not my job!" or, "No one told me to do that!" Everyone picks up trash, cleans up their area, answers questions, and looks for ways to make Crossroads a better place. Serving well is everyone's job.

6. We are willing to be flexible. - We know nothing alive stays the same forever. We will be flexible and adapt without complaint as changes come.

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